Design, installation and maintenance of heat monitoring plus thermocontrol systems in apartment blocks and commercial activities marked by central heating boilers with production or not of hot sanitary water. In addition, we may deliver a complete service with the billing to the final users according to the current regulations. These systems may reach a saving of up to 30% compared to the initial conditions.


Design, installation and maintenance of remote reading water meters in apartment blocks, commercial activities, tertiary sector or industrial areas. In addition, we may deliver a complete service with monthly cold water bill directed to the single unit. Thanks to these systems each family will get a monthly bill with real data and no estimations. In addition, it is likely to detect any kind of losses or abnormal functionings.


Plan and realization of smart metering systems in replacement of DSO (Distribution System Operator) meters in apartment blocks or commercial activities. Nowadays, the major expenses linked to the electricity bills are the fix costs (mainly contracted power and meter management by the local distributor). NostrAEnergy is the perfect solution in order to change this paradigma. Our system delivers savings up to 70% from the initial conditions. The building administrator will save time and space in the ordinary countability since he/she will receive only one invoice instead of a variety.